PRODUCTION INCENTIVES IN PORTUGAL Through the Pic Portugal - Cash Rebate Incentive and the recently created Pic Portugal - Cash Refund Incentive (ICA, I.P.),
Portugal offers highly competitive financing options for domestic and foreign productions and co-productions that are
filmed and produced on Portuguese territory and involve local and European artists and technicians.
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PIC Portugal

The PIC Portugal brand brings together different national instruments for incentivising and supporting cinematographic and audiovisual production in Portugal:

  • The “Pic Portugal – Scouting Programme” for prospecting and promotion activities within the scope of the FATC.
  • The “Pic Portugal – Cash Rebate Incentive”, created in 2018 and running until 2026 at least. This cash rebate is part of the Tourism and Cinema Support Fund (FATC), financed by Turismo de Portugal, I.P., which also sees participation from the Culture area.
  • The “Pic Portugal – Cash Refund Incentive”, created in 2024 and intended for big-budget productions (eligible expenditure within Portugal greater than 2.5 million euros).

Managing applications for the “Pic Portugal – Cash Rebate Incentive” and “Pic Portugal – Scouting Programme” is the responsibility of ICA, I.P. and Turismo de Portugal, I.P. Management of the “Pic Portugal – Cash Refund Incentive” is the responsibility of ICA, I.P.

Also falling under the PIC Portugal brand, the Portugal Film Commission, a department of ICA, I.P., under the joint supervision of the Tourism and Culture areas, promotes Portuguese territory and national resources and supports parties potentially interested in producing within Portugal.