Scouting Programme

In accordance with the provisions of article 4 Ordinance No. 490/2018, of 28 September, the Fund for the Support of Tourism, Cinema and Audiovisual can also finance scouting programmes of foreign producers who consider the possibility of filming in Portugal. The procedures and documents that are essential for the verification of expenses eligible for financing are provided for in Regulation No. 584/2019, of 25 July.

The documents required for the instruction of the financing request for a scouting programme, referred to in art. 5 of the Regulation, are:

  1. Appropriate form;
  2. Curriculum of the producer or foreign agents wishing to carry out the scouting programme in Portugal;
  3. Curriculum of the national producer that organises the scouting programme in Portugal, when applicable;
  4. Scouting budget;
  5. Scouting programme’s plan;
  6. Letter of intent from the producer and/or foreign agents wishing to carry out the scouting programme in Portugal;
  7. All other elements that the candidate deems relevant for the evaluation of the producer’s merit or for the evaluation of the relevance of the project or projects that the foreign producer considers producing partially or totally in Portugal;
  8. Bona fide declaration of the applicant stating that he/she is not in any of the exclusion situations provided for in art. 4 of the Regulation attached to Ordinance No. 490/2018, of 28 September.

After being notified of the attribution of support, the applicant must deliver the Support Acceptance Term, as well as update, if necessary, at the ICA Entities Registry, the certificates proving its settled tax status before the entity’s tax authorities and social security, as well as its legal representatives, in the case of for-profit legal persons.

The necessary documents for the demonstration of the execution of the project and rendering of final accounts, referred to in art. 7 of the Regulation, are:

  1. Budget execution report
  2. Certified Accountant Statement
  3. List of justified expenses
  4. Project execution report

All necessary documents must be sent to the address: