Privacy Policy

A. Introduction

Your privacy is particularly important to us, and we are invested in protecting it. This policy establishes the foundation in which any personal information obtained or given by you on this website is collected. The term “personal information”, as used in this policy, refers to certain information such as name, email address, physical address, phone number, or any other information that can be used to identify you. To browse the public areas of this website you do not need to give us any personal information.

B. Data controller

Your data controller:
Entity: Portugal Film Comission
Adress: Praça Bernardino Machado, 2, 1750-042, Lisboa
Email adress:
Contact with Data Protection Controller – you can contact the data controller using the email address

C. Information we process:

The personal data we process is derived from the information you provide us through the filling of forms that you will find in the website, through the implementation of cookies, or through other means used for you to be a part of our procedures.

We only collect the information necessary for each purpose. The personal information collected is processed informatically and abiding by the personal information protection legislation, being stored in specific data bases, created for this purpose, and, in no situation, will the collected information be used for other purposes that are not those to which you have consented.

D. Purpose of the information:

The personal information sent to us through our website will be used for the purposes stated in this policy or in the relevant pages of the website. Your information will be processed in order to:
a. Promote the activities carried out by Portugal Film Commission (PFC).
b. Analyse the traffic and performance of the web Page.
c. Manage the consultations or requests received, such as requests for information and documents.
d. Manage the submission of commercial communications or newsletters through any means, including electronic means (such as emails and web notifications) about news, courses, activities, our own and/or third party events, products, services, deals and discounts associated with activities carried out by PFC.
e. Allow the use of services available on the website.
f. Keep the website safe and prevent frauds.
g. Verify the compliance to the website terms and conditions.

E. Legal basis:

The processing of your information has the following legal basis:
a. In relation to the analysis of the web traffic, our legitimate interest in improving the experience of the users of our websites, as well as the consent granted for the use of cookies.
b. In relation to the management of the channel, the compliance with legal and public interest obligations.
c. For the remaining purposes, the legal basis for the processing of your information is the given consent.

F. How long do we keep your information

Your personal information will be stored by the amount of time necessary depending on de purpose for which it was collected.

In this way, the personal information will be retained for only the amount of time necessary to reach the goal for which it was given, or to comply with any contractual or legal obligations to which it is attached.

Wherefore, whenever there is no specific legal requirement, the information is retained only for the minimum ammount of time necessary for the fulfilment of the purposes that motivated its collection and/or later processing under the law.

G. Your rights

In accordance with Articles 13 and 22 GDPR, PFC informs you that you can access, restrict the processing, and rectify (for being incorrect, inaccurate or incomplete) any of your personal information that we possess, and, if the processing was founded in consent, you also have the right to request erasure of the information whose processing does not fit any of the lawful situations set out in Article 6 (1)(b) through (f) GDPR.

To exercise these rights, you must send a written statement to the Data Prtotection controller, acompannied by an identification document, to the email address above mentioned.
To help us process your request, please write in the subject line “Data Protection”.

H. Complaints

You have the right to lodge a complaint to the competent authority in the matter of data protection (Portuguese National Data Protection Commission – CNPD), in case you know or think of something that may entail breaches in the regulation relating to the matter of data protection.

I. Disclosure of personal information

PFC ensures that your information will not be used in any lists for advertising purposes by email or by phone, and it will not be disclosed to any other organizations or companies. PFC makes a commitment to protect your privacy and will make a great effort of ensuring the use of an efficient enough technology so that your online experience will become safer everyday and so that your web bonds will become strengthened.
PFC ensures the privacy of all data elements collected through this website. Your information is meant exclusively for the purposes requested and/or acceeded by you and will not be transmited, under any manner or condition, to third parties.
PFC makes a commitment to observe the existing legislation on personal data protection, namely the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), ensuring the confidentiality of the data and its non submittal, in any manner or condition.
The information may only be given to judicial or administrative authorities, in accordance with the law.

J. Limits of Liability

This website was created for the service’s continuing performance. Any potential crashes of this service, or of any services and contents in other websites for which links may be given are not, however, of the responsibility of PFC.
PFC does not take responsibility for the alteration and/or distortion of any materials collected in our website.
PFC does not have any control over contents, products or services offered by third parties in websites to which links may direct. We do not take responsability for the quality, veracity, safety policy, privacy, layout, content, or practices of these same websites.
PFC reserves the right to alter, at any moment, the conditions of use of this website.

K. Cookies

PFC uses, with previous user consent, cookies to offer personalized content, preventing in this way the repetitive reintroduction of your password and in a way to adapt our information offer to the way you use this website.