New User Registration Process

Create your user here, if you have never registered on this page before. After registration, the information will be validated by PFC and you will receive a confirmation email, after which you should access the reserved area again and fill in the information about the entity(ies) to register

If you already have a registered and validated user, all you have to do is login, with the respective email and passwords previously registered.

If you wish to insert more than one entity in our Directory, please note that you do not need to create a new user.

The same user (via a single login) may associate the entities he/she wishes and to which he/she is connected, either by updating previously registered data, or by creating new entities.

Each registered entity will be previously and autonomously validated by PFC.

We are looking forward to your collaboration!

Utilizado para entrar no sistema (sem acentos ou espaços)
Necessário para autenticação com CC
Indique por favor a entidade que representa (a PFC validará esta informação oportunamente)