Scouting programme

The Tourism and Cinema Support Fund can also finance scouting missions by foreign producers who are considering the possibility of filming in Portugal, up to the limit of €15,000 per mission.

Applications for the first phase of the cash rebate close on May 31,2024 at 11:59pm (GMT+1)

The Scouting Programme is intended for

Cinematographic and audiovisual works, fiction, animation and documentaries

National productions, co-productions and executive production

Production projects or post-production only

100% reimbursement of eligible production expenditure up to €15,000

Up to two scouting missions per project are supported

Scouting missions must include the director, producer, cinematographer or location manager

2024 budget: up to €350,000

Who can apply

Companies with the following corporate purpose may apply for the Cash Rebate:

  • The production of films intended for screening in cinemas or broadcast by television or distributed via on-demand audiovisual media services or other audiovisual media services;
  • The provision of technical services relating to cinema and audiovisual production, including the rental of equipment, post-production technical activities, activities relating to film production laboratories, activities relating to special laboratories for animated films and audio post-production activities.

Cumulatively, companies wishing to apply for the incentive should be entered in the Register of Cinematographic and Audiovisual Entities.

This register ensures mobility of registration for European companies that are non-resident in Portugal and do not have a branch in Portugal (entities with a registered office in the EU/EEA). Before the date on which the eligible expenditure is incurred, the applicant must establish a company or branch subject to tax in Portugal (special-purpose vehicles are eligible for this purpose).

For questions regarding the Register of Cinematographic and Audiovisual Entities, please contact us by email

Eligible expenditure

Actual paid expenditure supported by expense documents, directly relating to the dates of the scouting mission, is eligible.

This expenditure should relate to missions of up to 4 members of the foreign producer’s team and 4 members of the Portuguese production team.

Expenditure may be eligible as of the date of application.

Accumulation of public support: If the project is to be produced and the production Incentive is used, the support provided to scouting is incorporated into the project’s final accounts for the purpose of calculating the extent of public support.




Up to €100/day per participant.



economy class (up to 7 hours of travel),
business class (more than 7 hours of travel),
transfers, fuel, tolls, parking, vehicle rental and public transport.


Up to €250/day per participant
bed and breakfast (APA) basis


The application must be submitted no later than twenty working days before the planned mission. 

Applications are submitted through the HAL platform; the user manual for the HAL platform can be obtained here.

Required documentation:

  1. Specific form;
  2. CV of the foreign producer or agents wishing to carry out the scouting mission in Portugal;
  3. CV of the national producer organising the scouting mission in Portugal, where applicable;
  4. Mission budget;
  5. Scouting mission schedule;
  6. Letter of intent from the foreign producer and/or agents wishing to carry out the scouting mission in Portugal;
  7. All other elements which the applicant considers relevant to the assessment of the producer’s merit or to the assessment of the project’s relevance;
  8. Sworn statement;

The documents referred to above must be sent in the original Portuguese version or, in the case of a project in a foreign language, in one of the following languages: English, French or Spanish.


After the notification of the award of support, the applicant must submit the Declaration of Acceptance of the support and update, if necessary, on the ICA Register of Entities, the certifications proving that the entity is current with its obligations towards the tax authorities and social security, and likewise its legal representatives, in the case of for-profit corporations.


Support is paid upon presentation of the following:

Demonstration of fulfilment of the scouting mission and presentation of accounts must be done no later than three months after the end of the scouting mission.


For further information or clarification of any questions, you may contact us by email